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Baby Talk

I love this book! As a busy mom, it’s an easy way to remember and note your baby’s first words. Even better, they can read the book!

Erin, Kentfield Kids, Ontario

We LOVE using the Baby Talk book with our daughter. It has become such a sacred part of capturing her development, and we love recording the stories to accompany each new word. We know this will become such a special keepsake for her.

Katie, Ontario

My Week

Our 4 year-old daughter loves using the My Week calendar. It’s a simple way for her to learn the days of the week and have fun planning her weekly activities.

Will Stroet, Vancouver children’s entertainer and star of Will’s Jams on Kids’ CBC

Your calendar is perfect. Not too big and not too small. I like that it will not become a cluttered mess like other magnetic calendars. The pictures and words are simple and to the point, perfect for a child and adult alike. My two older kids have been using it to plan for the week ahead. I can’t wait for my baby to start using it down the road. Great way to stay organized and post it where everyone will see… mine’s on the fridge!

Tammy, British Columbia

The calendar is great! So far, it’s been helping my daughter practice her reading and helping her remember her weekly routine, which had been somewhat of a struggle before. Great product!

Cathy, Ontario

Thank you so much for the calendar. My little guy loves it! It’s quickly become part of our morning routine to go and check out what’s happening, move the today/tomorrow/yesterday magnets, and add in any new activities for the week.

As I said when I ordered, my son really likes to know what’s coming up and used to constantly ask, “How many days until…?” Now he can count them out himself as many times a day as he wants. He’s now asking when he can do things like go to the doctor, just so he can use that magnet. 🙂 It has also taken the battle out of things like taking books back to the library, as he can see that day coming up ahead of time.

Sarah, Ontario

We sell the 2fish kids calendar both in-store and online, and we often receive feedback from our customers about how much fun their kids have organizing their week.

Erin, Kentfield Kids, Ontario

Our four-year-old daughter really enjoys the My Week calendar, which she uses to plan for events during the week. The anticipation builds as she sees events getting one day closer each morning. We enjoy choosing the weather magnets to mark the weather forecast and plan appropriate activities. The calendar also has magnets for church and synagogue, which I love. I also appreciate the blank magnets which we use to write in our own special activities, like Grandma’s visit.

Jackie, Ontario

The boys have enjoyed the calendar and use it every day. Proud to say that the older one (5 years old) is pretty close to learning the days of the week, and he has started to not ask us everyday what is going on that day — he just goes ahead and looks at the calendar!

Darrell, British Columbia

My almost four-year-old daughter loves having it on the refrigerator (just high enough that little sister can’t reach) and rearranging the magnets each morning. Thank you again for your help and we love the calendar!

Lauren, California

This is such a great product! My three-year-old loves it!

Christy, California

I have to tell you, my 5 year old asks every day, “Mommy, when do we go for our family vacation? When is my play date? What day is it today? How many sleeps? What days do I have sports?” I think you get my point.

I am so excited to use this calendar with them. It will give my daughters a wonderful visual that they can help with seeing how many sleeps they have. This will be up on our fridge tomorrow morning as a surprise. This can be used on any metallic surface, fridge, white board, or even a cookie sheet.

This would make for an awesome birthday gift. Must-have for back-to-school.

Tera, British Columbia